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Our philosophy

At the core of the Optimus Nova Center philosophy is the concern of the companies and their leaders to increase the life quality of the employees by maintaining the balance between personal and professional life.

the project

Optimus Nova Center is a thoroughly thought building, properly built and oriented towards innovation. As the first class A office building in Florești, it has the potential to become the ideal workplace due to its modern features and facilities.

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The implementation of the project began in March 2018, in the context of an effervescent real estate market, and was completed in June 2019. The building is now ready for tenants, to whom it offers a unique working environment in the area.

Optimus Nova Center was built in the vicinity of the residential complex Optimus City, with over 300 apartments and being the first six-story apartment building, with an elevator, authorized in Florești. The two projects have the same development team and vision, oriented towards the increase of life quality.

The first class A office building in Florești

Optimus Nova Center is located in an unexploited area for business spaces, in Florești (at the exit to Cluj-Napoca), near the Vivo! mall, Metro and the West City Hotel ****.

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Being the first class A office building in Florești, it responds to a real need created by the increase in the number of potential employees that live in the area (Florești, Mănăștur, Grigorescu) and want to get to work easy and fast. For them, the amount of time spent on the road from home to work decreases substantially. Otherwise, to reach the “traditional” office areas from Cluj, located in the eastern part of the city, it would take a two-three times longer time to cross Cluj.

In addition, due to the proximity to the nearby shopping center, after program hours, they can go with their friends to the cinema, shooting polygon, food court, or can do their grocery shopping.

The office building has a cafe and a Carrefour Express supermarket on the ground floor and each floor has its own terrace. The last level includes a panoramic terrace with an impressive view.
For guests, conferences and various events, the four-star West City Hotel near Optimus Nova Center offers all the facilities, and for long-term accommodation there are modern apartments for rent in the Optimus City complex.

Media Façade

Optimus Nova Center is the first building in the region with LCD Media Facade, a smart facade which emphasizes its orientation towards innovation and technology.

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The digital aspect of the building transforms people’s perception of what a business building means and at the same time gives a vision to a new business pole that is being configured in this area.

The facade enables plays of light and personalized messages that can make a real show in the evening.

The building is also equipped with a large LCD screen oriented on the eastern side, which can be used in communication by both residents and other interested companies.

Technical Information

Clicking the links below you can see the building’s technical specifications

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